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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, With over 300 Project Managers, strategically stationed in every major market and city across the United States, Dali V  has an unmatched nationwide service network that makes it quick and easy to find an expert Project Manager in any potential customer’s area. Dali V ensures they can reach your location within 24 to 48 hours of contact to solve all and any of your utility locating needs. Contact Dali V for information, pricing, and scheduling needs.


A leading CCTV security system can greatly enhance your business. Use our advanced recorders to view your footage remotely from a PC, cell phone, or tablet. Monitor your business anytime, anywhere, through the live video or recorded footage on your DVR or NVR recorder. Conveniently playback footage by timestamp or detected motion events.


Surveillance camera systems help your business by reducing shrinkage and deterring theft. 90% of theft is internal – see what goes on when you’re not around. Make sure that your employees are following procedure and staying safe. Get a good look at any accidents that occur. Get the peace of mind and practical benefits of protecting your assets and employees.


Dali V  will provide all the tools you need to get your IP or CCTV security system set up quickly and easily. Our security experts will support you with any issues for the entire life of your product. Just like our instructions and guides, your support will be in English.


100% Money-Back Guarantee for 30 days
No Restocking Fees
Three-Year Warranty

Why Choose iLens Security Services?

Our products list their compatibility between 3 system types (HD, IP, & Analog). But if you’re ever in doubt, give us a call at 909 655 6151 and we’ll help you find the right system guaranteed.

Available 24/7

With 24/7 alarm monitoring, a team of agents is always standing by, ready to dispatch emergency services to your business if they receive an alarm alert. You can ensure that your business, your employees, and your valuable property are safe and secure.

Professional Service

Our security systems are designed to meet the needs of both small businesses and large companies with multiple locations. We can quickly scale our security solutions for clients with more complex requirements, while still maintaining system integrity and performance.

Competitive Pricing

We guarantee reasonable prices in the market.

Foolproof Security System

We’ve developed online dashboards and smartphone apps that allow you to view, manage, and monitor your systems conveniently and remotely. And if your business is already equipped with a security system, we can determine if it works with our technology, and if so, how to best integrate it for maximum performance.